Reading Cues

I was asked to write about how e-parenting and reading my child’s cues saved my family from what could have been a major disaster. Growing up I’ve always been intrigued/obsessed with a child’s growth and brain development. I started babysitting at a young age and from there my curiosity grew stronger. I have been blessed with two beautiful and absolutely amazing children of my own. I now thrive and practice every day to learn to communicate with them.

I signed my children up for Early Head Start to get a better understanding of their development and ensure they are being set up for a brighter future. My daughter is enrolled in the Home Base Program and this is where I’ve learned all about e-parenting, bonding, and learning their language. Learning about the little humans we created and their future is important in so many ways. Not only does it strengthen our bond to my children but teaches how to understand one another every day in healthy ways.

Although I understand and practice e-parenting I never realized the importance of it all so specifically until November of 2016. I realized that learning to read my children’s body language and paying attention to their cues that they were trying to tell me something. As I remember it so clearly my husband was out front burning some weeds from doing yard work. I was outside taking a minute to myself as well. Then my child began to tell me what sounded like “smoke!” He seemed frustrated when I told him I’d be right in. I thought he maybe smelled the smoke from the fire my husband had going. As my two young children again ran to the glass door where I was standing I then noticed they had a fear on their faces. As I entered my son grabbed my hand while pointing frightened and with the two children close by seen the flames coming from the electrical outlet. I began yelling to my husband that there was a fire while getting the children and dog out of the home. I called 911 and was then very aware of what my son was so eager to tell me.

With my son’s startled signals and my daughters fear in her eyes I then realized the very importance of knowing and responding to their cues. As I sat there with my family I realized how truly blessed we were to all be ok. I am truly grateful to have such an awesome Head Start Teacher who teaches us all about the importance of e-parenting, learning vibes, cues, body language and much more that is so important in our daily lives. The fire was contained and wasn’t as bad as expected. From this I hope my children know that we will come together and I will always better ourselves to communicate the best way possible.

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