Cinnamon & Traytin

Last year Cinnamon Harrison enrolled her son Traytin Lashley into the Head Start Program. Cinnamon was a single mom and not working at the time, living with friends and caring for grandparents .Cinnamon suffered with many medical problems. She did not have a Dental Home so Payson Head Start referred her to Dr. Flaherty. We referred her to Katie’s Closet for clothing and provided a list of food banks. Traytin struggled with socialization when he started Head Start. In February, Cinnamon and Traytin moved out of the area.

In late August while recruiting, we ran into Cinnamon and encouraged her to re-enroll her son Traytin; at the time she was pregnant and very weak and not able to keep any food down. We encouraged her to enroll for Early Head Start as well. At the time Cinnamon was living in a 5th wheel trailer; since enrollment they are now renting a home.

EHS referred Cinnamon to Lions Club so she could receive eye glasses and to North Country Healthcare for prenatal care. The referral from Head Start to Dr. Flaherty has helped Cinnamon receive major dental care. EHS has helped paid for dental exam and treatment.

Debbie England, the Head Start teacher says, “Traytin has had great success since he has been coming to Head Start. He now takes turns, no longer has temper tantrums, responds to others emotions, initiates conversation, searches out friends, engages in conversations, retells stories, can open his own milk, passes food, and takes care of own hygienic needs.” This shows great growth due to the Head Start Program.

Cinnamon reports she is very satisfied with the support that she has received from both teachers; Head Start and Early Head Start. She appreciates all the referrals. She would recommend and has recommended Head Start and Early Head Start to many of her friends with children.

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