Volunteering Creates Happiness

Gail Joseph, National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning: Teacher Time, shared research that says if you volunteer once a month, you may increase your happiness by 7%. If you volunteer on a weekly basis, you can increase your happiness by 16%. Are you too busy? Studies also show that people who volunteer actually feel as though they have more time…it’s a concept called “time affluence.”

Community members interested in volunteering for the Head Start / Early Head Start program may contact the Site Manager in their community by accessing PGCCS locations under the About Us tab. You may also call the Community Development Director for more information about supporting your local Head Start / Early Head Start Program.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Working directly with the children in a classroom setting
  • Providing additional support and supervision during field trips and community events
  • Supporting the program through activity preparation, facility repairs, and assistance with landscaping
  • Donation for supplies (list provided by Site Manager)

Volunteer Coordinator

Carla Ramsey
1183 E Cottonwood Lane Suite 2
Casa Grande, AZ 85122
(520) 316-4501